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Telkom to make local-loop investment

Wed 16 Nov, 2005

Despite rising pressure to unbundle the local loop in a bid to increase domestic fixed-lined telecoms competition once the second network operator (SNO) is licensed, incumbent monopoly Telkom is moving ahead with plans to shorten the distance from exchange-to-customer as part of efforts to improve the ADSL user experience. Owing to geographical and legacy-installation factors, South Africa has a relatively long local loop of about 5,5 km, which compares... Read more

SA telecoms poised for accelerated competition

Thu 17 Nov, 2005

African market analyst BMI-TechKnowledge yesterday announced the publication of their latest report entitled 'South African telecoms services layers and players into the future', which offers a birds-eye view of the emerging trends in local telecoms sector and the likely change that the key players will undergo in a post converged sector as the Electronic Communications Bill now moves to the National Council of Provinces. Brian Neilson, Telecoms Researc... Read more

'I don't buy the issue around our costs being appalling'

Wed 16 Nov, 2005

New Telkom CEO Papi Molotsane this week addressed the media for the first time since his appointment in September. Telkom has recently come under fire from the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) and various consumer groups for its high tariffs. Its monopoly will also face competition for the first time when the looming second national operator (SNO) comes into play. The Mail & Guardian Online asked Molotsane about Telkom's... Read more

SA’s broadband future

Fri 18 Nov, 2005

Veteran technologist and chairman of global computer chip giant Intel, Dr Craig Barrett says South Africa has the opportunity to leapfrog to become an early adopter of developing wide-range wireless broadband technology WiMAX. This technology should theoretically be able to connect everybody within a 50km radius – in other words the whole of Johannesburg and half of Pretoria – with a single base station. Telkom said earlier this week that it had su... Read more

Come, come, Telkom

Mon 21 Nov, 2005

Telkom-bashers owe Stuart Gunter a vote of thanks, I reckon. He is the Durban software developer who has done some sums to show just how badly done by we South African internet users are. His findings were posted on a watchdog website and reported in The Mercury last week. They showed that it was cheaper to fly to Hong Kong and back to download certain packages than it is to stay here and download them using Telkom's ADSL services. Also putting the byt... Read more

Telkom splutters over register mystery

Mon 21 Nov, 2005

CLUNKY telecommunications company Telkom has played directly into the hands of its critics, who make the startling claim that because the company has botched its administration, it has no registered shareholders. The Companies Act says a firm must keep “a register of its members” either by “entries in bound books” or through “recording the particulars” in a way which forms a “durable or sustainable medium”. But despite the fact that Telkom is the ni... Read more

Telkom defends ADSL usage based billing system

Wed 23 Nov, 2005

... Read more

Telkom signing up 4000 new ADSL customers per week

Wed 23 Nov, 2005

... Read more

Telkom defends ADSL billing

Thu 24 Nov, 2005

... Read more

Big changes to come

Fri 25 Nov, 2005

... Read more

The other revolution

Fri 25 Nov, 2005

There is a revolution spreading countrywide. It is happening in towns and cities as disparate as Knysna and Johannesburg, in big places like Durban, Cape Town and Tshwane, and small ones like Stellenbosch. At least 34 other muncipalities are also in on the game, racing to set up their own telecommunication networks. They are agnostic on their choice of technologies, although the smaller towns typically are opting for wireless while the giant metropolitan a... Read more


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