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Telkom entirely unable to compete in fibre market

Tue 04 Jun, 2019

Telkom financial results for the year ended 31 March 2019 revealed a massive decline in fixed broadband subscribers – down from 981,176 in March 2018 to 847,650 in March 2019.... Read more

PIC pressured MTN to shake up its board – Report

Tue 04 Jun, 2019

MTN Group Ltd.’s biggest shareholder is pushing for changes at Africa’s largest mobile-phone company to avoid the regulatory, legal and political disputes that have cut its share price by more than half over the past four years.... Read more

How Telkom’s broadband business has evolved

Wed 29 May, 2019

Telkom’s broadband business has seen a major evolution over the past few years, and while it may be bleeding legacy fixed-line and ADSL customers, its mobile broadband business is booming.... Read more

SpaceX will launch its first 60 satellites to deliver internet from space

Tue 07 May, 2019

SpaceX wants to beam cheap broadband internet all over the planet. It's gearing up for the first crucial step toward making that a reality. Elon Musk's rocket company will try to deliver a batch of 60 satellites into low-Earth orbit, the first for a megaconstellation of satellites that SpaceX is calling Starlink. The launch could happen sometime next week.... Read more

Telkom launches fibre network in Soweto

Fri 17 May, 2019

Telkom marked the 50th anniversary of the United Nations World Telecommunications & information Society Day at Orlando West Secondary School today to celebrate Soweto’s latest accolade as the first South African township to receive fibre to the home.... Read more

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Vodacom, MTN head-to-head subscriber race intensifies - Tue 21 May, 2019

South Africa's two biggest mobile operators, MTN and Vodacom, continue to rake in subscribers and have over 73 million local subscribers between them, and most of their African operations continue to grow.... Read more

Changed your cell number? Your insurer may refuse to pay out if your phone gets stolen - Tue 21 May, 2019

If you changed your cellphone number, your insurer may refuse to pay out when your phone is later damaged or stolen. This proviso is contained in most cellphone insurance policy documents, but many consumers don’t pick up on it ... Read more

Why Telkom will not yet invest in 5G - Mon 06 May, 2019

Telkom, the country’s fourth-largest mobile operator, believes 5G data connections for cellphones will cost considerably more than 4G – and it has no immediate plans to add the much-vaunted technology to its network.... Read more

Mobile subscriber numbers in South Africa - Fri 10 May, 2019

MTN has published its quarterly trading update for the period ended 31 March 2019, outlining its subscriber number changes since the beginning of 2019. The mobile operator saw a service revenue increase of 5.6% year-over-year in S... Read more

MTN launches 1MB auto-renewing data bundle - Fri 10 May, 2019

MTN has launched an auto-renewing data bundle similar to Vodacom’s Data Refill service. The mobile network operator has sent a message to subscribers to inform them that they will be automatically subscribed to the service next ... Read more

Vodacom keeps changing the reason it claims to be SA’s best network - Thu 09 May, 2019

Vodacom is still breaking advertising rules by claiming to be "SA's best network", the appeals committee of the Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) says – and it is not covering itself in glory by doing so.... Read more

Cell C in deep financial trouble – Drastic measures considered - Mon 25 Mar, 2019

Cell C is in deep financial trouble and the company and its shareholders are now considering drastic measures to save the mobile operator. This is according to well-placed industry sources who told MyBroadband that Cell C continue... Read more

Load shedding will hit data prices, cellphone companies warn - Wed 20 Mar, 2019

South African cellular providers warn that continued load shedding will limit their ability to cut data prices. This as operators spend millions on emergency power supplies and security for cellular towers across the country. R... Read more

Telkom accused of deliberately stalling number porting - Mon 18 Mar, 2019

South Africa launched number portability in 2006 with the ability of mobile users to port their telephone numbers between cellular networks. This facility aimed at boosting competition within the country’s historically-uncompeti... Read more

'My Telkom fraud nightmare' - clients desperate to cancel are easy victims - Fri 01 Mar, 2019

Desperation makes you vulnerable to being scammed - and that is what's been happening to some Telkom customers who have spent months trying to cancel their contracts. Opportunistic fraudsters have been preying on those who have go... Read more

Vodacom blames expensive data on government - Mon 07 Jan, 2019

South African data prices could be much cheaper if network providers weren’t hampered by the state’s delay in allocating 4G radio spectrum, South Africa’s largest cellular network provider Vodacom said on Thursday.... Read more

The astonishing story behind the Please Call Me fight between Vodacom and MTN - Thu 03 Jan, 2019

The battle centres around fair compensation for Makate’s idea which led to the “Please Call Me” service – but many people now know that the service was not his invention.... Read more

Telkom client billed for 2 years after cancelling account - Mon 07 Jan, 2019

Customers who have received service cancellation confirmations from Telkom continue to receive invoices, according to numerous reports we have received – and their bank accounts continue to be debited on a monthly basis.... Read more

Vodacom faces shutdown threat over ‘Please Call Me’ settlement - Sat 26 Jan, 2019

In five days time Vodacom will have to agree to pay the inventor of the Please Call Me service a settlement or possibly suffer a global backlash. Protesters plan to march on Vodacom offices on January 31, demanding that Nkosana Ma... Read more

City of CT 'not allowed to say no' to fibre companies going on digging sprees - Thu 29 Nov, 2018

The City of Cape Town says it's compelled by law to allow fibre infrastructure providers to lay their networks across neighbourhoods in the city. This comes after some complaints from residents about the disruptions caused every t... Read more

WATCH: Vodacom store in Polokwane mall trashed - Sun 02 Dec, 2018

The Vodacom store at Mall of the North was vandalised during a protest led by a group claiming to be Economic Freedom Fighters (Eff) members earlier this afternoon. Patrons at the mall caught some of the chaos on videos and photos... Read more

CellC users get 1GB after load shedding interrupts service - Sat 01 Dec, 2018

South Africa's third largest network, Cell C, has apologised to its users who were on Saturday left without network for approximately 2 hours. The network provider said in a tweet that the network outage was due to a data centre t... Read more

Download speeds on cellphones are now much faster than wifi in South Africa - Tue 27 Nov, 2018

South Africa is in a growing minority of countries where mobile data connections are on average faster than wifi hotspot connections, according to OpenSignal's newly released report that compared those connections in 80 countries.... Read more

MTN vs Vodacom disappearing airtime tests - Tue 27 Nov, 2018

The phenomenon of “disappearing airtime” reared its ugly head again recently, with many customers reporting that their airtime was vanishing despite their devices not being used. After an investigation into a large number of c... Read more

SA exceeds 1.2m Internet domain name registrations - Tue 20 Nov, 2018

outh Africa has the leading domain name market in Africa, surpassing 1.2 million registrations of names ending in .za, across all the second level domains (SLDs). This is according to ZA Central Registry (ZACR), the register and a... Read more

Google’s high-flying balloons to provide Internet in Africa - Fri 16 Nov, 2018

Internet to rural Africa has proven vexing for companies that have tried — and largely failed — with strategies ranging from drones to satellites. Now, a sister company of Google says it has the answer: balloons.... Read more


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